PRO POTs make system setup a breeze

In the world of Hydroponics and Aquaponics the endless options of systems can be mind blowing. NFT, DWC, flood and drain, recirculating and so many more with variation on top of variations it can make it all sound just a little overwhelming.

Many people choose to make their own from recycled or generic store-bought materials like 20lt drums from the hardware store or recycled 200lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s. And that can sometimes be half the fun but often there is so much time spent just getting the whole thing to work the way you wanted.

So for many it is just great to get a purpose build system that is flexible and just works first time.

That is where the Nutrifield Pro Pot System is both easy and affordable. And it can be set up to do just about anything you want it to. It can be purchased as a full kit ready to go or purchased as separate parts to make it into almost any grow system for both Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

The Nutrifield Pro Pot system gives gardeners the ability to completely customise their growth setup. It consists of 3 stackable pots, including a bucket, a grated pot to hold the substrate and plant, and a stand which allows for gravity drainage. Nutrifield Pro Pots come in two sizes, 15L and 27L, making them suitable for both small and large plants.

The Pro Pot is a unique hydroponic growing system which is customisable, adjustable, and scalable. The pots are made from high quality plastic, giving gardeners the freedom to customise their hydroponic systems, without the risk of leaks or breaks.

The pots are adjustable and may be set at three heights to accommodate the changing plant needs throughout the growth cycle. The Pro Pot system is modular – it can be used as an isolated system for growing a single plant, or daisy-chained to form large growing systems.

The Nutrifield patented Pro Pot system is durable and reliable, ensuring gardeners consistently achieve superior results with every crop.

Nutrifield Mesh Pots are an accessory for use with both sizes of the Pro Pot system, which are particularly useful for deep water culture (DWC) and continuous recirculating systems. The adjustable height of the Pro Pot system allows for the pot to sit either above the reservoir receiving liquid, from the feeder ring, or fully submerged within the nutrients.

The pots are meshed on the bottom and sides to allow the plant roots to grow unimpeded, resulting in larger, healthier roots. Nutrifield Mesh Pots are designed specifically to optimise root growth and drainage, resulting in larger plants and increased yield.

Available for the 200mm 27lt Pro Pots the feeder rings are available in two shapes, circular or horseshoe, which accommodate various growing methods and setups. The closed-circle feeder ring covers the pot and protects the liquid and roots from light and the environment. The horseshoe feeder ring is a unique shape, which allows the ring to be easily removed without disrupting the plant or the substrate.

Nutrifield Feeder Rings are designed to distribute an even flow of water around the base of the plant.  With a threaded attachment they are easy to install and just as simple to disconnect if no longer needed.

You are welcome to come into the store to see a few different setups or even just to play around and imagine all the different ways to achieve the grow system you want.

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